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Before and Happily Ever After

In our office we offer advanced chiropractic care through Chiropractic BioPhysics. We not only offer pain relief but also spinal correction, which is supported by over 130 peer-reviewed research papers that have been published in well-respected medical journals.

The black line shows the patient’s spinal posture, or curve. The red line shows where the spinal curve should be.

Below are some of the outstanding results our patients have acheived.



Bernie- Age 55- Was 6 Degrees- NOW 2 Degrees




Ellie- Age 22- Was 36 Degeree and 31mm Translated posterior- NOW 42.5 Degrees and 12mm Posterior.




Bernice- Age 31- Was 58 Degrees and 30mm translated Anterior- NOW- 45Degrees and 15mm Anterior!!



Cheryl-Age 47- Was 50 mm translated Posterior- NOW-27mm translated Posterior

Coffee, Terrie 003Pre Covered.jpg ___ Coffee, Terrie 004Post Covered.jpg


Terrie- Age 60- Was 6 degrees NOW- 1.5 Degrees

Westerveld, Nad B4.jpg___Westerveld, Nad result.jpg


Nadine- Age 13- WAS- No Curve- NOW- Near Ideal Curve


PRE________________________________POST_____________________________POST 2

Greg- Age 24

PRE- Reversed Curve__POST- Decreased Curve____POST 2-Near Ideal



Kurt- Age 43- WAS 40mm Anterior Translation - NOW 26mm




Kurt- Age 43- WAS 3 degrees to the right- NOW IDEAL!




Michelle- Age 34- WAS- Reverse past gravity line- NOW Reverse in front of gravity line w/ an increase upper neck lordosis

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