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Third Hand Smoking


CONCLUSIONS. This study demonstrates that beliefs about the health effects of third hand smoke are independently associated with home smoking bans. Emphasizing that third hand smoke harms the health of children may be an important element in encouraging home smoking bans.



Source: http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/cgi/content/abstract/123/1/e74


Doctors Note:

We’ve never put much thought into the topic of third hand smoke before. Second hand smoking has always been an issue; therefore many states are banning smoking in stores, restaurant and even bars.

Third hand smoking is when the smokes clings on to your clothing, hair, skin or even the carpet and furniture in your very own home. The research above has demonstrated that children who live in your home can be affected by third hand smoking.

For your Childrens sake- you must give up smoking as it is increasing their chance of developing lung cancer, pneumonia and bronchitis as they get older.

Many of you may think it is impossible to quit. Good news for you- Its NOT. There are several ways that have been shown to work:

_____1. Hypnotherapy
_____2. EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique
_____3. Nicotine Patches, gum etc.
_____4. Best of all- Motivation Courage and dedication

Now these are just a few ways, there are plenty of other ways as well.  Before quitting, you must learn healthy eating habits as rid smoking can slow your metabolism and cause you to gain weight.

Again, if not for your own health, stop for your children sake, as they have no choice on the quality of air they are forced to breathe.  Quit smoking and give them a healthier life, give them a head start on a healthy future. It is crucial for children to be able to build a strong immune system from a young age.

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