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Is the appendix useful?


CONCLUSIONS: This study has found the appendix being useful after all!. It has been found to serve as a vital safe house where good bacteria are stored until they are needed to repopulate the gut after a case of diarrhea. It has also been found to be an area where white blood cells are made, directed and trained.





Doctors Note:

I found this article very interesting as I have always told people that one day someone will find a reason for having the appendix. The medical doctors have been wrong about not needing an organ before. For example, thyroid gland was once said to be a useless gland until they started removing it and noticing people were gaining weight and getting sick.

The appendix is a good storing house for your good gut bacteria and white blood cells.  The good gut bacteria can be used to digest carbohydrates, absorbing minerals, eliminating toxins and keeping the bad bacteria under control.  It also prevents allergies and has a huge influence on your immune system.

Appendicitis, or inflation of the appendix, can cause death and may create the need to have the appendix removed. Your appendix should never be removed UNLESS you come across these problems

  1. You have no appetite
  2. Pain around your belly button that had moved to your lower right abdomen.
  3. If you have pain when jumping up and down.


If you have all of these symptoms then it is urgent for you to get to an emergency room.

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