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Testimonials Given to us!

"Dr. Adham is one of the few chiropractors I have met who does not name a condition as though it "belongs" to the client. He carefully and intentionally treats presenting symptoms multi-modally with every expectation that the client will experience healing. I appreciate his warm, friendly manner, his commitment to excellent care, and his ability to see me as whole and complete and not attached to any disease. Thank you!!" 

-Dr. Hollace L. Bristol, Flagstaff, AZ



Dear Dr. Adham,

Thank you so much for the excellent chiropractic care!  It had been 15 years since I saw a chiropractor and I was skeptical. 

You adjusted my lower back after years of pain and helped to alleviate a spasm in my upper back that I thought could only be treated with medication.  To this day - no pain and no spasm and no medications!

Welcome to Flagstaff, keep up the fabulous work!


A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Adham because I was suffering from excruciating leg pains that would keep me awake at night. The pain was so severe that it would bring me to tears. After seeing Dr. Adham just a few times the pain is completely gone. I also suffered from shoulder and back pain that Dr. Adham was able to get rid of. Now my husband is seeing Dr. Adham and is feeling much better as well. Thank You Dr. Adham!

Rita Y.


What a surprise!  Several months ago I visited my chiropractor’s office for an appointment.  While waiting in an examination room, a stranger walked in and introduced himself.  I discovered that I had a new doctor- Dr. Adham H. Abdallah, who asked me to call him “Adham.”

Dr. Abdallah, or Dr. Adham, discussed the change in doctors, his methods of examination, and plans for the future.  Soon, he asked me about my medical problems.  As I responded, he carefully examined my x-rays found in his files.  His questions lasted about fifteen to twenty minutes.  Another surprise- A physician listening to his patients.

Over the last four or five months, I have had many appointments with Dr. Adham.  He treats several problems which developed over a forty-year period.  Medical doctors were never able to give me relief for my pain and associated spinal problems, especially an inability to turn my head to the left or right.  Adham did.  I have seen many chiropractors over the past many years and only two of them have been able to adjust my neck.  Dr. Adham is one.

The Chiropractic Joint (the office name) has and continues to acquire new medical equipment.  These instruments hasten your recovery to good health.  Dr. Adham does not just give you an “adjustment,” you may also receive various types of physical therapy with medical devices appropriate to your medical needs.

Dr. Adham stays current with the practice of chiropractic medicine by attending training conferences on a continuing basis.  From these educational meetings, he acquires new types of patient care.  He is innovative and open to new ideas that benefit his patients.

Adham is a family man and recently welcomed a new baby into his family.  He is learned, a good counselor, and of course, an excellent, competent chiropractic physician.

I recommend Dr. Adham Abdallah to you for chiropractic care.

-Lee Wilson



I am very impressed with thee holistic approach Dr. Abdallah practices. He looks at the different aspects of life and how they are affecting our health. This is a wonderful way to practice healing. My entire back has been feeling better and better as time goes by and I continue coming to The Chiropractic Joint. My Mental health has also improved.

His chiropractic staff is very professional and friendly. They love talking with the patients and making sure they are as comfortable as they would be at home. The Chiropractic Joint is a very family oriented place & indeed a healthy place to be! I absolutely recommend The Chiropractic Joint for a healthy spine & lifestyle. The massages are wonderful too!

- Stephanie Schult- Sophomore- Nursing Student



Following a car accident in July 2007, I sought theraphy for hip/back and neck pain from two other chiropractors before arriving at Dr. Abdallah's door. In three monthshe was able to accomplish what two other chiropractors couldn't in the past two years.

I highly recommend Dr. Abdallah and his traction theraphy as being the best I have ever found.


Terrie L. Coffey


For years I had suffered from debilitating migraines. I was on numerous prescription to no avail. The year prior to starting treatment with Dr. Adham I was taking 8-10 ibuprofen a day plus whatever prescription they wanted to try.

I started seeing Dr, Adham and his helpful staff in January of 2010. In that remarkably short time I have only had one headache and needed 4 ibuprofen . My life is so much better. Prior to this, my migraines would come on twice a week causing nausea and vomiting. I could not leave my dark room. I had no energy between attacks.

I see Dr, Adham 3 times a week. His traction methods have made all the difference in my life. He is thorough, doing full x-rays and evaluations, he listens to your needs and he comes up with a treatment plan that fits. I have no doubt that if not for Dr, Adham and his staff that my condition would have been getting worse. I would recommend him to anyone.

-Michelle Hull


After a couple months on traction I could really tell a difference in the way I walk, sit and stand. My posture has improved trememdously because of it.

-Greg Darling


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