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Exercise is good not only for mothers-to-be…


Exercise is good not only for mothers-to-be, but also for their developing babies, according to a new study by researchers from Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences.

Maternal exercise during pregnancy may have a beneficial effect on fetal cardiac programming by reducing fetal heart rate and increasing heart rate variability. Researchers studied fetal heart rates with magnetocardiography (MCG), a safe, non-invasive method used to record the magnetic field surrounding the electrical currents generated by the fetal heart and nervous system.

There were significantly lower heart rates among fetuses that had been exposed to maternal exercise. The heart rates among non-exposed fetuses were higher, regardless of the fetal activity or the gestational age.

The researchers concluded that exercising during pregnancy can benefit a mother’s own heart and her developing baby’s heart as well.


See full articlehttp://www.the-aps.org/press/journal/08/9.htm


Doctors Note

Exercise during pregnancy also give you an easier labor and faster recovery from birth, a lower risk of gestational diabetes, fewer pregnancy symptoms like backache, leg cramps and constipation, a leaner baby, a lower risk of premature birth and an improved mood.

You should AVOID exercises that:

    • Could cause trauma to your abdominal area(Contact Sports)
    • Require very good balance, such as biking or skiing
    • Require you to lie on your back (this can restrict your blood flow and is not recommended after your first trimester)
    • Strenuous Exercise
    • Anything that causes pain and discomfort


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