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 A frequent and overlooked cause of headaches is the malfunction of the spinal bones in the neck. When bones of the spine lose their normal function or motion, nerves and blood vessels to the head can be affected.  When Spinal nerves and related tissues are stretched or irritated, they can produce throbbing headaches. Most people use Tylenol or Aspirin for pain relief but the problem with these medications is that they only cover the problem and do not correct the underlying structural cause. Many people experience significant pain relief and correction through chiropractic care.

Today 10 million plus Americans suffer from moderate to severe disability from various forms of headaches.

Specific Chiropractic adjustments can help correct spinal joint dysfunction created by the various chemical, emotional and physical stresses in our lives. Chiropractic Biophysics is a technique used by some chiropractors, including myself, which focuses on spinal correction and is backed by over 90 research papers showing its validity, reliability, accuracy and safety.

Relief from adjustment can vary depending on the severity and length of time the problem has been present.

Remember; headaches should not be a part of life, they are a sign that something is wrong. Some other causes may include stress, toxic fumes, certain foods, preservatives, and alcohol.

Aside from chiropractic care, you may also incorporate a well-balanced diet, practice deep-breathing exercises, eliminate aspartame, sucralose and MSG, discover your food/chemical sensitivities through allergy testing, eat foods high in fiber, get an appropriate amount of sleep, practice relaxation techniques, and/or see an acupuncturist for faster relief.

Herbs can also be used to alleviate headaches including lavender, rosemary, mint, marshmallow, thyme, fenugreek, burdock root, brigham, and skullcap. Essential oils can be used such as chamomile, lavender, peppermint, cypress, frankincense, sandalwood, rose, lemon, eucalyptus, basil, and marjoram. Find an oil that suits you and mix it with 2-4 drops of either grapeseed oil or almond oil.