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The Sciatic Nerves are the largest and longest nerves of the body, reaching about the size of your thumb in diameter, and running down the back of each leg. When these nerves are irritated or affected by the inflammation of nearby soft tissues, doctors refer to this as Sciatica.

Sciatica is a radiating pain down the back of your leg, usually on one side to your feet. You may experience burning, cramping, tingling and/or numbness.


There are a few things that can flare up the sciatic nerve which are the following:


1) Lumbar Bulging or Herniated Disc.-When the fluid in your disc bulges out and pressesout against the sciatic nerve
2) Spondylolisthesis-When a vertebra slips anteriorly and presses on the sciatic nerve
3) Trauma- Can be from a fracture or inflammation of a muscle
4) Piriformis Syndrome- From a Piriformis muscle irritating the sciatic nerve

5) Spinal Tumors- Very rare

Research shows that when treated with chiropractic adjustment, sciatica has an 8-9% greater rate of recovery that if patients were to use therapy or standard medical care.